Emotional Rollercoaster vs The Long Train Ride

My son’s middle school headmaster told parents as our children transitioned from lower to middle school to not “ride the roller coaster” of emotion with our children, but rather remain on the ground and witness it instead. This was a reassuring metaphor that provided me with a strong visual as my son transitions into adulthood. Many times I have witnessed my son ride the emotional roller coaster of teenhood, unsure of how long it will last. As I make conscious choices to remain grounded, I am preparing myself and my son to be ready to move on after the ride is over by modeling self awareness as a way of being and will provide him tools to thrive.

This image is apt for adults too, many whom never learned the tools, techniques and practices to help them manage their own emotions, perspectives and presence. This is not a space for blame, rather a point for exploration. These times are challenging each of us to remain grounded as others traverse the ups and downs of uncertainty. In these times especially, it is important that all leaders get and remain grounded. We need you more than ever to help your teams transition to a long train ride way of being.

Those of you who haven’t learned tools for increased self awareness, learned instead ways of being which helped you survive. Those behaviors, beliefs and perspectives were useful when things went well, but may be creating more stress and anxiety now that the pendulum has shifted direction. Because of this, now is the time to shift from a reactive survival stance and awaken to a new way of being that is more sustainable for whatever comes next.

If in your leadership you are struggling to lead in a conscious way, know that it is never too late to shift the paradigm in your life. Bringing awareness to who you are as a leader and how you lead can provide you insight. This time of pause provides a wonderful opportunity to align with your core values and space to uncover your innate gifts. I work with leaders like you who want more clarity and wisdom; who want better results with less effort. If you would like to know more and experience what a coaching session with me is like, you may do so here.

The time is now to pivot and experience the joy of a long train ride. If you didn’t know how long these uncertain times will last, which ride would you choose to take? As always, it is your choice. Choose wisely.

About me:

Teresa Lodato, CPCC is a Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach and the founder of Becoming Aware™ Coaching.

As a former stressed-out financial services executive with over 20 years delighting clients, Teresa now guides individuals to unleash their sixth sense to level-up their professional and personal relationships while reducing stress. Her clients learn to effortlessly create inspired and motivated relationships that drive results while creating a stable, meaningful work/life integration. Teresa is an author and speaker in addition to being a highly sought-after coach for forward-thinking individuals and organizations. For more information or to learn about the work I do, please visit: www.teresalodato.com

As a Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker, Teresa helps individuals get in deeper relationship with themselves and others.

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