The Secret to Relationship Based Sales: Become a Better Human

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My husband isn’t the most affectionate man. What he lacks in providing physical comfort, he makes up in kindness, compassion and an attentive nature. He has an incredible ability to anticipate my needs and fulfill them before I end up in reactive mode. I could provide many examples of how he does this, but one that comes to mind is how he helps me to manage ongoing stress. Those who know me well understand that chronic stress is something I have battled my entire life between chronic migraine pain and a Type A personality. I have many tools available to manage things myself, but stress can be sneaky. Before you know, it can cause a chain reaction and tumble out of control if one isn’t one hundred percent mindful — and no one is ever one hundred percent, perfectly mindful.

His outside perspective and attentive, caring nature provides him clues that I may miss and act as an early warning system. When I am too wrapped up in work and begin missing opportunities to take breaks, he witnesses the thunder that precedes the storm and invites me to be spontaneous and play. Part of my Type A personality means I am a planner. I like having structure, a plan and take comfort in allowing that to be the framework to my days. But it is important to recognize the need for spontaneity, the opportunity to let go. Because my husband knows what calms me, he will often whisk me off to somewhere by the ocean (we live in Northern California) and I am instantly at peace. Not only do the waves and seagulls provide me a welcomed auditory break, but there is something intensely tranquil for me to be by the sea. When we are stuck inland he will find the nearest lake, one where I can hear the water lapping against the shore. Fresh breezes whether tainted with salt and seaweed or with the bright smell of warm cedar or pine add to the sensory experience that helps my body relax.

My husband’s skills within our relationship translate extremely well to his professional work. As a Territory Manager for a global pharmaceutical company, he excels at relationship-based selling. He anticipates the needs of his clients, is compassionate with their concerns and goals and listens attentively. Once he knows what he can do to help his clients be the best office they can be, he moves swiftly into action. He is known as a great guy, a man’s man despite his stoic, John Wayne presence. True, he is highly skilled from honing over twenty years of sales, but it is his conscious manner that sets him apart from most salespeople. In my book “Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?” I illustrate many perspectives on communication including archetypes, embracing balanced action with reflection and core values. My husband is a walking definition for what it means being a conscious leader and salesman. He has a strong value of giving which creates ease because clients can sense he has their best interests at heart. He understands each client’s method of communication and he deftly adapts his message to each personality style with ease and grace. Watching him in action is a beautiful thing to witness as he concisely and persuasively provides solutions which ultimately generates more business for his clients.

In challenging times, the value of a business is measured by your capacity to meet the changing needs of your clients. Being a conscious leader or salesperson, you gain an edge by being flexible, client focused and in tune with the needs of those you service. In addition, your ability to transform your relationships in this way will slingshot you into a happier, more fulfilled and balanced version of yourself as well. When all is said and done, isn’t that what you are truly longing for anyway?

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to create better relationships with your team or clients, book a complimentary communication strategy call with me here.

About me:

Teresa Lodato, CPCC is a Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach and the founder of Becoming Aware™ Coaching.

As a former stressed-out financial services executive with over 20 years delighting clients, Teresa now guides individuals to unleash their sixth sense to level-up their professional and personal relationships while reducing stress. Her clients learn to effortlessly create inspired and motivated relationships that drive results while creating a stable, meaningful work/life integration. Teresa is an author and speaker in addition to being a highly sought-after coach for forward-thinking individuals and organizations. For more information or to learn about the work I do, please visit:

As a Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker, Teresa helps individuals get in deeper relationship with themselves and others.

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